Your audience will thank you

Let your audience browse the code of any file in your project or catch up with your most recent changes during your code presentation. With Keppler, your audience will now always be up-to-date with what you’re doing, and have the bigger picture in mind.

No setup for your audience

It all happens on their web browser! All they have to do is visit a URL.

Transparent for you

Once Keppler is launched, you can forget about it. Just code as you would normally do, and your changes will automatically be pushed to your audience, on LAN.

Resource sharing made easy

Your audience can download the resources used in the project directly on Keppler. No need to host your files anywhere!

Get started


Install Keppler globally

You must have node and npm already installed.

In your console, run:

npm install -g keppler

Didn’t work? Report a bug.


Launch Keppler inside your project folder

Navigate to your project folder.

In your console, run:

keppler "My awesome project"

This will launch Keppler and automatically open your browser at the URL for viewing your code.


Share the URL with your audience!

Make sure you’re on the same local network.

Your audience will now be able to see the contents of the files in project folder, updated in real-time.


Get coding

Who’s using Keppler?

Keppler is already being used with hundreds of students learning web development.